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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  January 7, 2010 7:47pm-8:00pm EST

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washington wizards all star gilbert arenas on the sidelines tonight. nba suspended him indefinitely, without pay for brandishing a gun in the team's locker room. arenas admitted he had the gun saying he was simply playing a joke on a teammate. he has since apologized for actions. he could be in more trouble than just the suspension. local and federal law enforcement are investigating the incident. professional athletes consider themselves potential targets and carry weapons to protect themselves but sometimes carrying a weapon can end up causing trouble for athletes. in 2008 pro football player plaxico burris accidentally shot himself in the leg with a gun he was carrying at a nightclub. now sending a two-year sentence after pleading guilty to weapons charges. >> with more on athletes and guns, roger kosik, espn legal
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analyst. and mike wise, sports columnist for "washington post." glad you could make it. roger, let's start with you. what happened to the days of the harlem globe trotters? so clean cut, no tattoos, so well behaved. there were moral clauses i thought these guys had to follow and character training they had in the nba. >> kyra, one of my fondest memories as a father is taking my son to see the harlem globe toppers. you bring up something that's a wonderful example. you're right. seems like those days are gone. it's a little unclear as to the facts. they seem to change a little bit on a daily basis. but the idea of having guns in a locker room at any time is obviously something that you shouldn't do, and i think probably his attitude and, of course, that stupid, stupid, stupid thing that he did of pretending it was kind of funny and holding his fingers like
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they were guns and pretending to shoot his teammates, that just -- i mean, it violates the -- >> it's arrogant. the idiot test. there you go. >> mike wise, you've been following this story closely. you cover sports in washington all the time. what do you think is going on here? >> well, it's really sad for me to see gilbert arenas, a guy i've gotten to know over the years, one of the great redemption stories of all time in the nba, freefall into what looks like -- i don't want to say in the abyss of his career and it's over, but i will say this, that bringing guns into the locker room not only -- and into any american workplace, for that matter, is going to get you in trouble. beyond that, four years ago, john and kyra, this guy was the most popular player in town. bigger than any redskins player, any hockey player. to see the town turn against him because of this is a shame on so many levels. >> you've gont to know him. let me follow-up with you on the
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point that, is there this attitude they need to keep an image, that for some reason, you know, the guys back home want to see, even though they've made it to the big-time, they're still tough? they can still handle themselves? you know, they're still one of them? >> well, that's a very good point. you see a lot of faux gangsters i call them in the nba and other elite sports where guys that weren't raised in the hood want to become 50 cent for better -- for worse reference. >> you got to say it right. it's 50 cent. >> curtis jackson. the bottom line is, gilbert arenas wasn't that guy. he's never been that guy. he's a guy with no malice, no hate in his heart. he's a guy that takes practical jokes to the enth power and this one obliterated the lines of good taste and decency and broke laws. >> roger, what about this idea that some of these pro athletes, particularly in basketball and football, feel like they could be targets and need to arm
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themselves for self-protection? look at what happened to sean taylor, gunned down in a home invasion robbery in his house in miami. richard collier, jacksonville jaguars lost both of his legs, ended his career after shot 14 times. they have a sense that people because of who they are and the fact they go from making very little money to a lot of money are targets of criminals who would like to get what they've got. >> i think that's certainly the argument that some of them would make, but i just don't think that argument holds up. you know, we live, yes, in a violent world and certainly some of us are more targets than others and people like wealthy basketball players can argue they need these guns. in fact, i don't think they need these guns. and there's laws that prohibit you from walking around carrying these guns. just until recently it was you could even own a gun in washington, d.c., because of the supreme court decision last year. it's clear you can't walk around with a gun unless you have it registered. look, everybody knows you shouldn't have guns, as mike put
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it, in any workplace. that idea that i walk around with a gun in my pocket because i'm a target, you know, i mean, it sounds great, sounds great, not so good. >> mike, is this going to set a precedent? because, let's be honest here, a lot of athletes that make a lot of money, many a times are given a pass or two. in july 2008 he signed a six-year deal. $111 million contract. i mean, that's pretty huge and basically the message here is, i done care how great you are, how much money you make, you're a bad boy, you're out. >> well, that's -- if david stern did anything yesterday by suspending gilbert arenas indefinitely he put him out of his misery in which he couldn't make any remarks that were going to embarrass hinmt, the team, o the organization at that point. or the league for that matter. i don't know if athletes are going to learn from this. plaxico burris was the toast of new york. he won a super bowl. lets than a year later he's up
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on gun charges because he shot himself in a club. will things change? hope so. based on recent actions i don't know. i really -- i think it's an individual case. >> we'll see where this goes. mike wise of "washington post," roger cossack, great to catch up with you. coming up at the top of the hour campbell brown and her program. >> hey, there, john. at the top of the hour we're going to continue cnn's breaking news coverage. digging into the mistakes that kept u.s. intelligence agencies from uncovering the airliner bomber plot. also, tonight our special investigation of dahn yoga, which kyra has been spearheading. it's, of course, this nationwide chain of yoga and wellness centers. some charging it is a cult. dahn yoga says no but some ex-employees say yes. >> campbell, see you soon, 2 1/2 minutes. >> we'll be right back.
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a kentucky powerball player
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took a gamble christmas eve and won by mistake. >> payoff, $128 million. rob anderson wanted to buy three separate lottery


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